Between January 14 and February 12, 2020, the Special Commission on the Rights of the Child and Youth Protection’s team organized 42 forums in Québec’s 17 regions to hear from:

  • Parents, grandparents, foster families, young adults who have or have not interacted with the Director of Youth Protection (DYP), and citizens from all backgrounds.
  • Professionals who work closely with youth in the areas of health, social services, education, early childhood, justice, public safety or within community organizations.

Over these five weeks, more than 2,000 people weighed in on the issues and challenges within the youth protection system, for which we thank them all sincerely.


The Institut du Nouveau Monde (INM), an independent, non-profit organization that promotes citizen participation in democratic life, supported the Commission in this process. A summary of all forums held was submitted as evidence to the Commission. It will serve to inform the commissioners’ discussions and recommendations prior to filing their final report with the government.

  • To see the final report of the 42 forums, click here
  • To see the summary of the 42 forums, click here


You can also access two additional information documents by clicking on the following links:

  • Appendix 1 – Detailed reports on the 42 regional forums, click here
  • Appendix 2 – Note-taking placemats used during public consultations, click here



Recap of the forums’ content

Each forum gave participants the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions on predefined consultation topics, in a confidential and friendly space, in small groups and plenary discussions. Five key topics were identified:

  1. The participants’ values and principles in relation to the topic: Input on the major orientations that should guide the youth protection system. 
  2. Prevention: All of the measures, services and tools that can be used to identify and support vulnerable youth before resorting to the youth protection system. To download the summary sheet on this issue, click here.
  3. Youth development: Practices, preferred permanent plans and support for young people as they make their way through the youth protection system. To download the summary sheet on this issue, click here.
  4. Legal framework and judicial process: A reflection on the practices and legal tools available and the impact of the judicial process on youth. To download the summary sheet on this issue, click here.
  5. Governance and practice conditions: The organization and management of the system, the relationship between institutional players and the work environment and practice conditions of professionals who work with youth. To download the summary sheet on this issue, click here.

To consult the information document and the forum presentation video, click below: