Welcome to Netiquette for the Special Commission on the Rights of the Child and Youth Protection.

The Commission’s Facebook and Twitter accounts belong to the Gouvernement du Québec.

According to the Office québécois de la langue française, netiquette is a set of rules to ensure the use of good manners among Internet users, particularly in emails and in social media posts and comments.[i] Netiquette rules are also available for each social media platform.


Page content

With its social media presence, the Commission is creating spaces for conversation and dialogue with its followers, network, partners and the media. It is permitted and even encouraged to discuss different topics on the Commission’s digital platforms as long as Internet users respect the required netiquette and the specific conditions of use for each of the platforms used.

As an independent organization, the Commission provides access to a neutral information service and facts about its activities. Its Facebook and Twitter accounts are administered and managed exclusively by professionals from the Commission’s Communications team. The Commission is committed to respecting the right to privacy and encourages its followers to exercise caution and restraint to ensure personal information about themselves or others is not disclosed.

The fact that the Commission follows a user's social media accounts does not mean that the Commission endorses the user's comments. As a public body, we follow the accounts we consider relevant to the Commission.

In the spirit of continuous improvement and adaptation of its methods, the Commission reserves the right to modify these rules of use at any time and without notice.


Language used

Posts are distributed exclusively in French, except when public safety is at stake.


Comment content

Apart from references to the Commission’s official publications, the statements made on these pages do not necessarily represent the opinion of the members of the Commission.

The Commission encourages followers of its Facebook and Twitter pages to engage in civilized and respectful discourse and to show respect and courtesy when making comments on its page. 


Users should take into account that all comments posted on these pages are archived and be aware of the public and permanent nature of their comments. In addition, the Commission does not verify or confirm the accuracy of the comments made by users.



The Commission is committed to monitoring the content of its Facebook and Twitter platforms from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., not including statutory holidays.

All comments will be read and considered. However, the Commission cannot commit to replying to all messages received on these platforms, whether on the Facebook and Twitter page or as a private message.

To encourage a courteous exchange of views, the Commission reserves the right to delete comments. Some comments may be withdrawn for the following reasons:

  • They are defamatory, hateful, racist, sexist, xenophobic, threatening, insulting, abusive, vulgar, obscene, offensive, incomprehensible, abusive or irrelevant.
  • They are some form of advertising, including comments promoting products or services, or requests for sponsorship, fundraising or financing, which will not be tolerated on the page.
  • They contain a message encouraging the massive distribution of posts, including invitations to sign a petition, chain letter sharing, invitations to click “Like” or any other inappropriate post or incentive of the kind.
  • They contain a message posted repeatedly, off-topic or written in capital letters without justification.
  • They contain a message that includes confidential information, such as personal data.
  • They contain a politically motivated message from an individual or organization to gain or exercise power by defending a number of defined ideas.
  • Furthermore, if any information proves to be erroneous or incomplete, the Commission undertakes to correct or withdraw it as quickly as possible and to inform users accordingly.


Page followers

The Commission reserves the right to block or delete followers who do not comply with these rules of use. The fact that a user shows up as a follower of the Commission's Facebook and Twitter pages does not mean that they are given any endorsement whatsoever.

In such a context, we reserve the right:

  • To remove comments from the platforms used that do not comply with the rules set out above, without notice 
  • To report as well as to ban or block a user according to the procedures provided by the various social media platforms 
  • To delete any information that we consider sensitive or unnecessary to the understanding of the message



Complaints are never handled via social media. Internet users who have a complaint against the Commission are invited to send it by email to


Respect for privacy and protection of personal information

We are bound by the confidentiality of the information that our users transmit to us, and we encourage respect for the right to privacy. We reserve the right to remove any photo or information that violates applicable laws.

If you wish to share your experiences, protect your personal information and that of others, use caution and reserve to refrain from revealing sensitive or personal information.

The Commission cannot handle a particular case or file via social media.  However, the Commission is attentive to stories from children, young people, parents and workers who have had dealings with the youth protection system. Your stories are valuable to the Commission’s work. Please send your stories to or call 1-833-990-2443 so that your experience contributes to the Commission’s work.


Reference to other websites

Occasionally and for information purposes only, the Commission's Facebook and Twitter pages may provide links to other websites. When this occurs, these references are suggested to stimulate citizens’ reflection on progress in children’s rights and youth protection. The Commission does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on these sites.



Subject to Facebook’s terms of use, information published on the Commission’s Facebook page is subject to the Copyright Act (R.S.C. (1985), c. C-42), which can be found on the Department of Justice Canada website:


Terms of use of social media

In addition to abiding by our netiquette rules, we invite you to respect the terms of use of each platform used:

Finally, as social media is evolving at a very high speed, we reserve the right to change the rules of conduct provided for in this netiquette or to close an account without notice.


[I] Adapted into English from Office québécois de la langue française. Le grand dictionnaire terminologique.