A special commission with a bold vision

Giving a voice  

To children and young people who have suffered negligence, maltreatment or abuse and who need us, the adults, to act to tighten the social safety net so that no child can fall through the cracks;

To families who need a helping hand to face the difficulties of life and create an environment conducive to their children’s development;

To workers in the various networks who are facing situations of increasing emotional, professional and administrative complexity;

To experts who analyze, evaluate and supervise the process and the tools that exist or need to be developed.


Working with boldness and courage

To turn over every stone in the youth protection system—originally an innovative model and the envy of many countries—to make good anything that we have missed along the way;

To take inspiration from testimony and suggestions from youth, parents and workers and propose concerted, inclusive, respectful, human-scale methods;

To welcome with openness the many faces of families and of society in order to put forward solutions that are both innovative and pragmatic and better suited to current realities;

To formulate meaningful recommendations to generate tangible changes that will have a significant positive impact on the life path of children and their families.


Never losing sight of our mandate

Innovate in order to act in the best interests of children and with respect for their rights to ensure they can develop fully at every level;

Preserve public confidence in the youth safety net while calling into question elements that need correcting, adjusting or replacing so that children and their families can be assured of high-quality support tailored to their needs.